Calvary Kids VBS 2019 Photo Scavenger Hunt


Sunday - 9:30AM Sunday School, 10:45AM Worship Service PM Service 5:55| Wednesday - 6:30 PM Student Ministry starts at 6:00 PM

VBS Photo Scavenger Hunt

This year VBS is all about Amazing Encounters.... with Wildlife and with Jesus. Throughout the city of Oak Ridge we have hidden some VBS Rocks. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to find them and snap a photo. You'll find them where you shop... where you eat.... where you play.... maybe even where you bank.

Join our photo circle (app) to share your pics. Upload as many pics as you can find - Put yourself in the pic if you dare! Let us know where you've been and let other people see where they might find another rock. There are at least 25 rocks to find so challenge yourself but be sure to leave the rocks behind for the next person!

Step 1. Download the app "Photo Circle"

Step 2. Join the VBS 2019 Rock Scavenger Hunt Circle with the pin code: 208767

Step 3. Share your Pics!

Join us to Kick-off the fun on Sunday June 9. "Wild Snacks" will be served at 5:00 and Worship Rally at 6:00.

This is just the start of the fun. We will have Amazing Encounters with Jesus all week. Preregister today and be entered in a drawing to win a digital camera. PREREGISTER